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Do not attempt to clean a panel with a broken glass cover or a perforated backsheet.
Such a panel can present a serious shock hazard.

1. Use caution when cleaning PV panels, as the combination of water and electricity may present a shock hazard. To prevent the possibility of severe personal injury or equipment damage due to electrical shock:
1A) Check the glass surface on the panels for exposed wires or cracks and the backing for tears, perforations or other damage before you begin washing. If there are any, do not continue and call a technician.
1B) Wear rubber gloves whenever cleaning the panel.

2. The surface you stand on may become slippery when wet, so use extreme caution.

3. If working on a roof or other areas above ground level, exercise extreme caution and use proper safety fall protection equipment.

4. Sharp edges may exist on the components. Protective gloves should be worn while cleaning the solar array system.

5. To prevent scratching and damaging the solar panel glass:
5A) Angle the metal squeegee properly so only the rubber squeegee blade touches the glass surface.
5B) Do not drop anything heavy or metal on the panel surface.
5C) Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight - electrical current and power increase with light intensity. The best time is early in the AM or late in the PM.
5D) Do not use harsh chemicals that may damage the glass surface or leave a residue, do not touch or walk on the surface, etc.
5E) Do not use hard or abrasive methods such as scouring powder, steel wool, scrapers, blades or other sharp instruments.
5F) Avoid using power washers; instead, normal pressure from a standard residential hose and faucet is recommended.


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